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The Applying Process

Steps to take to apply for teaching


Step 1

Decide who to teach and get school experience


We run Primary (5-11), Primary SEND (5-11) and Secondary (11-16) and can help you gain experience if you're not sure where to begin, or want to gain more experience. 

Contact us here and we will help you out. 


Step 2

Check your qualifications


For all courses you will need a minimum of 

  • GCSE (or equivalent) Level 4 and above
  • a relevant degree


Step 3

Find out about funding


There are Bursaries and Scholarships available - for more information click here


Step 4

Contact us about training through Matrix ITT - We can guide you through all of the above steps and talk to you more about our courses and support you through the application process.


Step 5

Apply for teaching!